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ASP.NET is a rich programming framework for building web-based applications. It offers outstanding support for both developers and administrators, providing improved ease-of-use, tool support, reliability, scalability, administration and security. ASP.NET provides a programming model, and infrastructure, to make creating scalable, secure and stable applications faster, and easier than with previous Web technologies.

The main topics covered:

.Net Framework Architecture, C# Language Basics, Functions, Arrays, Collections, Generics, OOPS, Web Development Basics – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, Server Controls, DB Programming with SQL Server, File Operations, Ajax Server Controls.MVC Architecture, Entity Framework, Razor View Engine, Ajax jQuery, Code first Approach.

Course Overview


This course covers the basic C# programming, web development technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, web application development using Asp.Net and MVC architecture, how to use strongly typed models in your views; how to build models with Entity Framework; and how to create your own custom validation attributes and develop dynamic applications in Code First Approach.

Course Outcome (CO)

While successfully completing this course, the learner will be able to:
➔ Build and maintain applications with ASP.NET MVC in Code First Approach

This course can be done as three different modules

Module 1: C# Programming - 15 hrs.
Module 2: Web Development using Asp.Net - 30 hrs.
Module 3: MVC Web Application Development using Asp.Net - 25 hrs.

Mode of Training:

Instructor led online training
Classroom training

Course Duration: 50 hrs

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