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CCTV Installation Course

CCTV Installation & Training Course

The CCTV camera Installation and security Training is one Of the Largest Growing Industry. Having Great Opportunities and Bright Future Worldwide. Every year millions of new firms & industries & small scales business commence that business comes with lot of business opportunities, CCTV Camera Security has become a important requirement for each & every business. Every year CCTV security market demand is growing and the need has increased to more than 1 million professional CCTV camera security installation, maintenance & service engineers worldwide.  The CCTV camera security professional jobs are paid high salary packages word wide.

The CCTV Camera Security Training at Annex Training Institute is designed to provide maximum practical for candidates, it covers basics of electronics to practical implementation concepts in CCTV, remote viewing in mobile and laptops, advanced CCTV based networking concepts, CCTV camera security troubleshooting procedures. A theoretical knowledge of the installation precautions as well as team coordination can ideally provide a strong support to the trainee in this course. This course includes advance knowledge of different tools, cables, safety rules and procedures that applies to CCTV installation in UAE.

The CCTV certification course in UAE is a perfect choice for progressing your career in Security Industry. The CCTV course prepares you to work in a huge variety of roles including: CCTV Operative, CCTV technician and various management positions. We have put together some best practices for moving toward a more integrated online and offline CCTV training programs.

Course Overview

Who Can Study CCTV Camera Security Course?
Content of the course includes:

Anybody planning for a career in CCTV Surveillance Industry
Everyone interested in knowing the basics of electronics
Self Employed Persons, Job Seekers
Students seeking a career in CCTV Camera surveillance, Installation and Maintenance Industry
No educational qualification is required, no age bar

Topics Covered

Need for CCTV System
Elements of CCTV System
CCTV System Architecture
Different Types of CCTV System
Different Types of Cameras
CCTV Installation DVR & NVR Configuration
IP Cameras and Networking


Course Duration is 30 Hours, which can be completed by 30 Days, Practical Class.

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