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Occupational English Test - OET

OET English test measures an individual’s English language skills from the healthcare sector. it is popularly called is an English language assessment test created for the healthcare professionals. OET can be taken up by 12 different healthcare categories: nursing, dentistry, dietetics, medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech pathology optometry, pharmacy, and veterinary science.

Annex Training Institute is the best OET training center in Abu Dhabi where you get professional training from highly qualified experts in the English language. Our Flexible timing and Affordable Fees and effective test preparation including mock test will help you to pass the Exam easily with a limited time period.

Course Overview

Format of the test:

To precisely measure each individual’s knowledge, the OET test is divided into four subsections which focus on diverse language skills. Here are the four sections:

Listening (about 50 minutes)
Reading (60 minutes)
Writing (45 minutes)
Speaking (about 20 minutes)


This section has 2 parts. In Part A, the aspirant must listen to a conversation that will happen between a patient and a professional and you have to take notes on that interaction. In Part B, you will hear a lecture from one person. You will be requested to answer the questions which are in the form of multiple choices about what you have heard.


This section is also of 2 parts. Part A is of 15 minutes duration and needs the aspirant to see 3 or 4 passages. Then, the aspirant will be given a paragraph summarizing the text with words removed. You must use your skill to fill these blanks. Part B is of 45 minutes duration and the aspirant will need to read passages related to common healthcare topics and answer multiple choices thereafter.


This section is necessarily an imitation of certified encounter precise to an occupation. The aspirant has 45 minutes to write professional correspondence. This can normally take the form of a letter of referral, but other jobs might contain a letter of release or expert advice.


This section is done with the support of an interviewer. The aspirant begins after being provided a summary of their own professional background before going on to the role-play section. Role-play scenario intended for this section is based on common communications that happen in a profession such as an interviewer in the field of veterinary science will be taking the position of an animal owner; the aspirant must have to display a blend of professional expertise and interpersonal skills to deal with the circumstances.

Course Duration

The duration of the OET course offered by our institute is 40 hours, which can be completed by 20 Days

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