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QuickBooks is a business accounting software program developed and marketed by Intuit. Quick Books Program used by small businesses to manage sales and expenses and to keep the record of daily business transactions. QuickBooks can be used to invoice customer, record expenses, create reports for tax file and planning. It maintains desktop and online accounting applications as well as cloud-based work.

ANNEX Training institute Abu Dhabi is offering Quick Book Masterclass courses, which includes complete accounting solution for your business. UAE experienced Trainers in Teaching and working in Accounting firm are the key advantage of our institute. After the successful completion of the Course, we are issuing certificate which is Approved by ACTVET.

Course Overview

QuickBooks Masterclass Course Outline

This QuickBooks Masterclass course offers comprehensive knowledge about the working of QuickBooks and how it can be used by small to medium organizations. Delegates will learn about how to set up the chart of accounts list and item list. In addition, delegates will get an understanding of how to plan a new QuickBooks system and run QuickBooks setup wizard. Delegates will then move to set up the chart of accounts list and item list. delegates will gain knowledge of how to control-integrated applications, inventory, and estimated work. Furthermore, they will also gain an understanding of how to track inventory, manage cash and bank accounts, as well as prepare financial statements and reports.

Setting up Quick Books

Plan New QuickBooks System
Install QuickBooks
Running QuickBooks Setup Wizard
Identify Starting Trial Balance
Setup New Company
Editing and Adding Company information

Accounting Problems

Working with Accounts Receivable
Record Account Payable Transactions
Inventory Accounting
Accounting for Fixed Assets
Recognize Liabilities
Closing Revenue and Expense Accounts

Loading Master File Lists

Setting Up the Chart of Accounts List and Item List
Working with Price Level List
Using Sales Tax Codes
Setting Up Lists – Customer, Vendor, Fixed Asset, etc.

Working with Settings

Access Preferences Settings
Setting Accounting Preferences
Control-Integrated Applications, Inventory, and Estimated Work
Integrated Payment Processing

Invoicing Customers

Choose and Customize an Invoice Form
Invoicing a Customer
Billing for Time
Printing and Emailing Invoices
Record Sales Receipts and Credit Memos
Assessing Finance Charges

Paying Vendors

Create Purchase Order
Paying Bills
Reviewing Other Vendor Menu Commands

Track Inventory and Items

Using the Item Code Column, List Window, and Inventory Reports
Add Items to the Item List
Editing Items
Manage Inventory in a Manufacturing Firm

Managing Cash and Bank Accounts

Writing Checks
Recording Register Transactions
Review Other Banking Commands

QuickBooks Journal Entries

Working with Journal Entries
Working with Memorized Transactions
Review Accountant and Taxes Reports

Preparing Financial Statements and Reports

Producing Report
Working with Report Window
Modifying a Report
Processing Multiple Reports

Working with Activity-Based Costing

Review Traditional Overhead Allocation
Working of ABC
Implement an ABC System
How QuickBooks Supports ABC?
Turning on Class Tracking
Use Classes for ABC

Setting Up Project and Job Costing Systems

Setting Up QuickBooks Job
Tracking Job or Project Costs
Job Cost Reporting
Job Estimates

Administering QuickBooks

Keep Data Confidential
Use QuickBooks in a Multiuser Environment
Audit Trails
Enable Multiuser Access

Protecting Data

Backing QuickBooks Data File
Restore QuickBooks Data File
Condensing QuickBooks Company Files

Course Duration:

Course Duration is Minimum 30 Hours, which can be completed by Two Weeks.

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